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The ArtesanoGroup Foundation, through its Country Makers® program, runs a social development project in Pampatar, Margarita Island, Venezuela, which aims at supporting the work carried out by Misioneros Manos en Servicio, a civil association that serves the needs of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. Our efforts are focused in achieving a qualitative improvement in human quality and training for life of this community. In addition to improve nutritional care, ArtesanoGroup aims at complementing the education of the beneficiaries and reinforce it with extracurricular activities that contribute to their integral development, moral and civic training. The rehabilitation of the headquarters located in Las Lajas street, Las Salinas de Pampatar sector, will include the expansion of the kitchen, the construction of a multipurpose room, new sanitary and laundry facilities, library and recreation areas.


It is urgent to address the nutritional and educational deficit that the children and adolescents of this community are facing. Likewise, it is important to guarantee the development of activities in adequate hygiene and safety conditions; In this sense, the rehabilitation and expansion of the headquarters will guarantee, not only the work of the collaborating mothers but also that of the teachers and support personnel who participate in the development of extracurricular activities.


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