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With your support we can contribute to support decent living conditions to more than 2,000 families

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The Agrolíbano Foundation works in 18 rural communities where 2350 families live, of which 89% (2092) live in multidimensional poverty and at least 1340 of these live in severe poverty. Multidimensional poverty in the area manifests itself with deprivations in health, education, and living conditions, among the most frequent deprivations, are the lack of access to drinking water and basic sanitation, cooking on a wood stove without a smokestack, housing with a dirt floor. To contribute to the reduction of poverty, the Agrolíbano Foundation implements the Healthy Family program, which aims to strengthen family and community capacities for self-care, promoting healthy conditions and lifestyles. In this sense, the "Healthy Housing" strategy is implemented through which living conditions are improved with projects of access to drinking water, improvement of floors, construction of latrines with a septic tank, piles-laundry, showers, wastewater filters, stoves with smokestack. The projects are carried out in alliances, with the participation of the communities and selecting the poorest families, in addition, they are accompanied by educational processes for the adoption of healthy habits in the beneficiary families.


More than 2,000 families live in multidimensional poverty, more than half of these do not have drinking water and sanitation conditions (washable latrines with septic tanks), a quarter have dirt floors and almost two thousand cooks with firewood in stoves without a smokestack. Reducing multidimensional poverty must invest in improving the living conditions of poor households. By 2030 we hope to have contributed to halving severe poverty, which means investing in improving living conditions in at least 100 households each year.


Precarious living conditions are frequent in rural households, where the lack of access to safe water for human consumption and conditions for sanitation favor the presence of diseases that are a cause of morbidity and infant mortality. Through the support to families to improve their housing conditions, it contributes to the reduction of diarrheal and respiratory diseases in childhood, and with it to the reduction of infant mortality. With your support we can contribute to support decent living conditions to more than 2,000 families (52% do not have drinking water and hygienic services, 23% have housing with a dirt floor, 21% do not have an electricity connection, and 87% cook with firewood in a stove without a smokestack).

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Forging a healthy family

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