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On February 4, 2022, Oscar Neira was taken to the doctor as his family noticed that he was disoriented and had an intense headache that wouldn't budge... however not in a million years did he nor the family expect to hear that Oscar has a massive brain tumor.   Our father is a 58-year-old who has dedicated his life to his family and his students, working as a Mathematics college professor in Venezuela for more than 30 years.   A skull MRI images at the end of the post) confirmed that he has a very large tumor in the back of his brain, that has increased the pressure inside his skull, and displaced many important structures of his brain. This is consistent with his symptoms: acute headache, disorientation, trouble coordinating his movements and calculating distances, and loss of memory and sight.   If you know Oscar, you know that he always had a piece of advice if you needed it and could always lend a helping hand. His ability to analyze the situation and come up with a logical plan of action was astounding. It's quite shocking to see him in this condition of vulnerability.   His treating doctor has indicated that the treatment unequivocally starts by opening his skull and removing the tumor and that this should be done urgently. She even went as far as saying that it is incredible, given the size of the tumor, that our dad isn't in a critical condition and is currently conscious. After the mass is removed, it will have to be analyzed to determine if the tumor is benign or not. Given the characteristics of the tumor, brain surgery has a high chance of being successful and not causing grave permanent damage.   As a family, we need as much help as possible, because, given the harsh circumstances associated with living in Venezuela, it's not possible to operate our dad if the procedure is not fully paid for before he is admitted in the operating room. As you can see in the operating procedure budget that the clinic gave us, the expected total cost will be around $18,000.   All funds donated will be used to cover procedure and hospitalization costs, as well as medicines, therapies, and caretaking equipment needed for his post-op process.   If you are unable to donate monetarily, we please ask that you help us lift this family in thoughts, prayers, and love, and let them know they are not alone! #brainsurgeryforoscar   Yours sincerely, his children, David, Carlos, and Maria.

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Help Oscar Neira Get Brain Surgery

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