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The Veteran population in the United States exceeds 22 million. Although our Veterans have demonstrated extraordinary leadership and disciplinary skills, many of our troops have trouble assimilating back into civilian life. This unfortunate fact is highlighted by the large number of Veterans who are unemployed, making up over 8% of this population. Most Veterans do not qualify for VA dental benefits. In fact, approximately 95% of our nation’s Veterans do not have access to VA dental care.  When it comes to dental benefits, only Veterans with a 100% disability rating are eligible. This leaves thousands of our Veterans returning home facing bleak job prospects and the need for healthy new smiles.  The leadership of Camarlengo Community Dental Center is seeking sponsors and partners who appreciate the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have given.


The program will fulfill the big imminent social need by attending these patients aiming to target and serve 1,525,400 veterans in the State of Florida with free of cost specialized prosthetically driven dental implant surgeries and corresponding final restorations and integrated oral rehabilitation.
  • A low Administrative Fee may be charged as a ‘Patient Admissions Fee’.
  • X-Rays and other evaluation means must be paid separately by patient or Sponsor.


Camarlengo’s Community Dental Center new building will be located in the beautiful Treasure Coast of Florida. Our goals through PROGRAM: MAKE A VETERAN SMILE AGAIN is to put smiles on our Veterans’ faces and place renewed hope within their hearts, via comprehensive dental implant treatment plans and best surgical practices and procedures with holistic full-mouth prosthetics and restorations to restore their much needed integral dental health.

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Make a Veteran Smile Again

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