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Last Update: April 29, 2021

Pompano Beach, FL 33069–USA

Right to Refuse Service

MagnifyFundUS Inc.  reserves the right to refuse service and block any offensive unsuitable messages, derogatory or defamatory wording that may jeopardize the image of our company, our clients and our readers.

We keep the right to decide who we serve to meet the values and principles of our company.  We do not support, partake or endorse any activity or wrongdoing to the environment, people’s God giving rights, freedom, liberty, peace, good health and the pursue of happiness. Nor we support, partake or endorse legal defense, pornography, prostitution, commercial sex acts, human trafficking or trafficking in persons, child abuse, online predators, money laundering, any sort of work slavery, forced labor, slavery and other similar conflict-situation practices, where thereof, any customer involved in such unlawful activities will not be allowed to receive our services.